Band Saws: A Valuable Addition To Any Woodworking Shop

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A narrow band of toothed metal is pretty much the “cutting element” of a Band Saw, a type of motor powered saw, common in most lumber mills.

Band saws are fixed power tools, and don’t come hand held, though miniature varieties exist. They successfully operate utilizing a band fitted with toothed metal blades, which ride on two wheels on a vertical plane. The wheels are powered by a motor, which facilitates the revolving of the bands. The wheels are adjustable in most band saws, and the space made between the wheels often helps in dictating the cut types the band saw would make.

They are ideal tools for cutting irregular shapes, with the curved cuts made by the tool determined by the width of the band blade used during its operation.

Most timber mills prefer using band saws over circular saws since wastage isn’t an issue with band saws. As band saws leave behind a smaller kerf, which in the realm of woodworking means a saw’s cut size, lesser waste comes from using it.

The band saw’s blades in timber mills are often stretched very tight, considering the large chunks of wood they are given to cut up. With blade sizes ranging from 4” wide x 19’ long x 22 GA thickness to 16” wide x 62’ long x 11 GA thickness, large band saws fit the bill for timber yards’ needs when it comes to cutting.

There are different types of large band saws, the most common of which are Resaws Head Saws, and Double Cut Saws.

Resaws are pretty much the large band saws used in timber mills. They have small kerf sizes, which leave less wastage, and work pretty fast and accurate. A timber mill wouldn’t be complete without one, as resaws are practically “tailor cut” for them.

Head saws are also large band saws specializing in initial cuts to a log. Generally, they are fitted with silver teeth on the back of the band saw’s cutting edge, and a two to three inch space between the saw’s cutting edge. The silver teeth are designed to wipe silvers out of the saw’s cutting path when cutting on a log, which happens when the band saw needs to back out of a cut.

Double cut saws, as the band saw’s name implies, have cutting teeth on both sides of a blade. Similar in size to that of a head saw, double cut saws are also geared to work similar to head saws, only with “backward” cutting capabilities.

Bottom line, band saws are generally useful for overall cutting work, and not for detail cutting. They are pretty much the initial phase tools for a woodworking excursion, giving woodworkers woodpieces on which they could do more detailed work on.


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Finding Great Woodworking Patterns

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Woodworking is a job that requires skills and precision. Without this, there is always a chance that your work will get spoil or will not be as good as you had desired. One thing that is very helpful in woodworking is preplanning your work. It is always good to prepare plans before starting the work.

These plans should include the things as appropriate use of the resources as raw materials, tools and time. The woodworking patterns are the things that you can include in your plan.

Woodworking patterns are the standard and established plans for making some parts of the wooden furniture. For example, the woodworking patterns for the edges of tables, etc, or the woodworking patterns for making stands, etc are very useful. The purpose of using the woodworking patterns is the beautification of the furniture.

Apart from parts of wooden furniture, the woodworking patterns for making and entire piece of furniture also are commonly used. Most of the people would like unique furniture or at least the one, which is not very common. Therefore, they will think that woodworking patterns is not of any use for them. However, though the woodworking patterns are commonly used and everybody who uses them makes the furniture of the same type, the external finish can alter the looks.

The woodworking patterns are available for making decorative pieces out of wood. Thus using them beautiful wooden articles can be made.

There are a number of sources from where you can get the woodworking patterns. Books are the most convenient. They are available cheaply and so you can buy one for you too. Moreover, they are widely available and so you will not need to search for them.

Moreover, you can refer to them at any time. Online sources of woodworking patterns are becoming popular day by day. There are a number of websites, which would provide you woodworking patterns free. Some websites provide them in the form of downloads which you can store on your computer.

There is no need of any training for using woodworking patterns. You can learn and use them all by yourself by referring to books or the internet.

There are a number of advantages of using woodworking patterns. The first and the most important one is that they are designed by professional and skilled people. They are artistic and attractive. Most of the users of woodworking patterns are generally people who are not formally trained in woodworking. Therefore, they are designed such that any body can use them. Most of the woodworking patterns are time saving as well.

Moreover, they are very easy to follow and implement. You will not require using any special or expensive tools for using them. Their easy availability increases the convenience of using them.Moreover, they aid in improving your own artistic skills in woodworking.

You can use them to make your own woodworking patterns as well.


Get Instant Access To 14,000 Woodworking Plans, Designs & Projects! See How You Can Get Access to Thousands of Do-It-Yourself Woodworking Plans That Are Cost Effective, Tried and Tested and Guaranteed!

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